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Blessings Acrylics

Plinth (120x30x30cm)

Plinth (120x30x30cm)

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Elevate your décor with our sleek and versatile White Plinth, designed to complement your space effortlessly.

Key Features:

1. Perfect Dimensions: Our white plinth measures 120cm in length, 30cm in width, and 30cm in height, making it an ideal addition to showcase your art, collectibles, or products with precision and style.

2. Flawless Design: The plinth boasts straight edges for a clean and modern aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into any setting, whether it's your home, gallery, or retail space.

3. Surface Protection: We care about your surfaces! Each plinth is equipped with silicon tips on the base to ensure that your floors and countertops remain scratch-free and pristine.

4. Sturdy and Reliable: With a weight capacity ranging from 15kg to 20kg, our white plinth is not only elegant but also built to provide sturdy support for your cherished items.

Add a touch of sophistication to your space and let your treasured pieces shine on our White Plinth. Elevate your décor game today!

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